20th Century Boy

Date(s): Mon 28th May, 2018, Tue 29th May, 2018, Wed 30th May, 2018 | Time : 7:30 PM

Event Information

20th Century Boy – the smash hit Marc Bolan musical!

Featuring 30 70s hits including Get It On * Ride A White Swan * I Love to Boogie * Metal Guru * Hot Love * Heroes

20th Century Boy is a fantastic celebration of Bolan and Bowie with great music from the 70s. Featuring some of the greatest pop songs ever written, 20th Century Boy tells the story of Marc Bolan and his band T.Rex, exposing some of the myths and taking the audience on a great musical journey.

Tickets £31.50 & £26.50 (Concessions £5 off Full Price(s)

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