Tom Gates

Date(s): Wed 10th April, 2019, Thu 11th April, 2019, Fri 12th April, 2019, Sat 13th April, 2019, Sun 14th April, 2019 | Time : 2:00 PM

Event Information

I’m Tom Gates and I’m VERY excited to tell you about my FIRST EVER LIVE STAGE SHOW!

It stars me (obviously) Amy Porter (who’s smart) my best friend Derek and our band DOGZOMBIES.
It’s SO BRILLIANT that even moany Marcus Meldrew will enjoy this BRAND NEW story that’s never been told before! I will be doing everything possible not to get into trouble and they’ll be loads of doodling and caramel wafers (yum). I’ll be annoying my grumpy sister Delia (time well spent) and the Fossils are bringing some food – but don’t let that put you off.
It’s going to be AMAZING!

From the producers of Horrible Histories and Gangsta Granny comes the world premiere of TOM GATES live on stage for the very first time in an exciting and hilarious adventure that sends Tom’s world spinning! Don’t miss Liz Pichon’s fantastic characters as they come to life in this brand new story for the stage!

This show is on at VARIOUS TIMES during the stated dates. Please check the Preston Guild Hall 'Book Now' page for the full timetable. 

Wed & Thurs 7pm: Adults £18 Children £14
Thurs & Fri 2pm: Adults £17.50 Children £13.50
Friday 7pm and all shows Sat and Sun: Adults £20 Children £16.25

FAMILY TICKET (2 adults & 2 children, or 1 adult and 3 children)
Wed & Thurs £58
Friday night and all weekend £68

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